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How to Predict Google’s Algorithm Changes

April 23, 2014

One of the ways you can become an SEO expert is to learn all about Google’s secret algorithm. Its algorithm dictates everything that happens in Google’s search result. The algorithm is the key that can unlock insane amounts of wealth, but it can also be the penalty that can ruin your online business.
It sounds like a crazy task to try to understand the algorithm, but there are ways. After years of learning, teaching, and watching SEO in action on thousands of different websites, I have developed a process for predicting Google’s algorithm changes.
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Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

April 15, 2014


Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

Why to do SEO?

February 28, 2012

Why to do SEO– Most of the people have this question in their mind, and often wonder why to invest in this field, which can cost quite expensive, sometimes more than building the website itself – Here are the answers of your questions.
Using SEO Services to Boost Your Rankings

For any business that has decided to create their own website, SEO Services will help garner good rankings with search engines. When it come to searching for information, products or services, internet users generally gravitate to highly ranked organic results than sponsored or advertised results. It is generally considered that organic search results are more reliable as they are a result of many users spending a lot of time on the resulting sites. Such sites are also better ranked because of the informative and up to date content they provide users with. A good SEO Services provider should be able to create an easy to navigate site that will enhance visitors’ opinion of the business.
SEO Process
It is important that businesses hire competent SEO Services providers who can manage the quality and quantity of content on the site. They should also be able to identify the most optimal keywords and phrases that will draw the intended type of clientele the business can sell their services or products to. Choosing the right keywords means the right visitors will be drawn to the business site. The wrong keywords will attract the wrong kind of traffic which will not result in sales and may in fact lead to poor reviews of the site.
To boost the quality of content, the keywords should be well utilized and appear frequently. For the content to be effective the articles must still make sense and be informative. If the readers of the content enjoy and easily understand it, they will spend a lot more time on the site and this will in turn boost a sites rankings. When selecting a SEO Services provider, a business owner should be sure to ask for references. It is a good idea to get a provider who is knowledgeable in the same kind of business. They should be able to provide you with sites they have worked on.
Why invest in SEO Services

It has become almost impractical for businesses to successfully run their websites without SEO Services. Creating a website is no longer a difficult thing to do. Anyone with a computer and some IT knowledge can do it easily enough. But creating a simple webpage is not what matters. What is most important is the content and how easily visitors to the site can navigate and access the information they are interested in. The more user-friendly and relevant the content is, the more likely people will want to visit the site.
Almost everyone has access to the internet. Whether it’s on a PC, iPad or mobile phone, the internet has become people’s primary source of information. When researching products and services, people will invariably go online to find out more. Businesses that engage SEO Services are able to capitalize on people’s desire for information to lead them straight to their business websites. As people search for product information, they also want to know where they can purchase that merchandise. SEO Services help businesses to capture that buying clientele. Effective use of keywords and phrases guarantees an increasing number of people are able to easily arrive at the business site.
 SEO Progress
One advantage that big and small businesses are able to take advantage of is the easy affordability of SEO Services. The cost of having a website built, designed and loaded with quality content is much smaller than what businesses normally spend in placing advertisements in magazines and on television. Many successful businesses have opted to exclusively do their marketing online and have gone on to build a strong client base. There are many service providers who can assist businesses optimize their websites. To get the best outcome, be sure to select a provider who has a proven track record in SEO and can show you examples of previous successful projects.
Choosing a SEO Services Provider

It has been established in recent years that in order for a business website to attract more visitors that are likely to make purchases, they need to invest in some SEO Services. Anyone who has been online for more than ten years can probably remember when company websites were just a single webpage that featured the physical and mailing address of the business, and telephone contacts. This was very unlike today where business sites provide a myriad of information from the company’s motto to a detailed catalogue of merchandise. The best and most highly ranked business sites not only have varied and quality content, they have managed to make effective use of keywords and article submissions.
Many businesses find it unrealistic to recruit staff just to handle creation of website content. The best route is to hire a reputable SEO Services provider to build the website or if already in existence, modify it to make it more appealing and user-friendly. They can then load it with lots of quality content and relevant backlinks. These improvements will impress visitors to the site and reviewers from search engine companies. They more visitors that pass through and make use of the site, the more highly ranked a site becomes.
Many companies and websites offer SEO Services but businesses must be discerning in their choice. It may be quite affordable to hire a SEO Services provider to complete your project but that doesn’t mean you want to wind up with a fraudster who will waste your time. Be sure to ask for a portfolio of other work and review it. Be cautious and confirm with the companies featured in the portfolio that you are dealing with the same person who worked for them. You will be able to see for yourself how successful your provider has been and learn what to expect for your own business.
How SEO Services Can Work For Your Business

In today’s market, SEO Services plays a big role in making businesses accessible to the general public. More and more people rely on the internet for information. It’s no wonder it is also called the information super highway. For businesses to succeed in this market, they must cultivate a strong online presence. With all companies looking to the internet as the next frontier to conquer, businesses that have already made marked their presence must work even harder to retain their current customer base. Engaging SEO Services helps them to do just that.
A good SEO Services provider will first evaluate the performance of the business website as it is. They will also appraise the quality and amount of content already online. They will also evaluate the key areas of business and identify keywords and phrases that sum up what primarily the business is about. This will ensure that the right keywords are used in the content and in the building of the site. These keywords are what will prompt the appearance of the website when an online search is done by a potential client.

The next step is to ensure that once the searcher has clicked on the website, they find enlightening and appealing content that relates well to what they were searching on. SEO Services providers will update the content and make the site easier to explore. They can also provide back links to other related content that can be of interest to the visitor. They should also measure the number of visitors that arrive at the site and how many turn into actual buyers of merchandise. This will help measure the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.  They can also source for additional statistical data from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Six things you must know prior to Link Building

May 14, 2011

  • Be clear that links are the most important ranking factor
Since 1998 links have been the foundation of the Google ranking algorithm. However, many people still don’t realise that 90% of what they need to do is to get other sites to link to them.When Seattle-based SEO agency SEOMoz created their ranking factors top-5 list, four out of five of the top ranking factors were link building related.However, simply acquiring 5-10 links a month is never going to be enough volume these days, and the difficulty isn’t just building links, but figuring out what links you need to get.

  • Avoid paid link networks
It’s a given that Google monitors the quality of a website’s links and the rate at which they are acquired. So good advice is to never ever use a link network to buy links, as that will create a spike of poor quality links (not a good signal to send Google).Every day some link builders are seduced by the convenience of link networks. It can be quick, it can be easy and people still believe that they influence rankings – but there can be a price to pay, as even US retail giant JC Penney found out. (See case study below.)If a website achieves decent rankings and it has built some of its links from a network, people can be scared to turn the link network off.

  • How to find awesome link prospects in nine steps

  • Research and find the top 20 keywords in the niche.
  • Get data on the top 20 websites that rank for each keyword, and make sure none of the competitors are duplicated.
  •  Use a backlink analysis tool to download all the links for all the competitors.
  •  Put all of this data into Excel and put all the links in separate tabs.
  •  Filter out any duplicate domains.
  • Get the list of unique domains linking to each competitor and sort by domain authority.
  • Use Excel to filter link types e.g. to, .nhs, .edu, .gov
  • Visualize your link profile in Excel and use pivot charts.
When link building it’s important not to waste time on trying to get links that are not easy to replicate. It can be very difficult to get the golden links that competitors have. So when link prospecting, it is important to think about why each link is given.Is the competitor’s link a paid link? Is it a partner link? Did the company sponsor a trade show or event, etc? Certain links obtained from ‘special relationships’ should be discounted as targets.

  • Build brand authority with ‘your brand’ links
When it comes to link building, the more brand links you have, the more brand authority you will have in Google. Smaller companies don’t usually have as much of a natural brand presence online as larger firms, so it can be a good idea to proactively build brand links.(A brand link is a link containing your brand name in the anchor text (aka link text) – this might include a link that just uses your URL as the link text.)Be prepared to do this for up to six months to help build brand authority – to catch up with top sites, a website will need a lot of natural links and a lot of brand links.

One way to build lots of brand links quickly is to run a linkbait campaign with your brand name (perhaps in the headline of the content being promoted).

So when link building for a smaller brand, first catch up on building brand links and then move onto links containing your target keywords in their link text

  • Get the ‘link quality’ mix right
If you are link building, your backlink profile should look as natural as possible. See A nd B charts below for examples of unnatural backlink profiles…link-profile-aIf all your backlinks are only from very low PageRank pages without any higher quality links, this can look unnatural to Google. (Example A above)


Likewise, if all your links are from high PageRank websites and you don’t have many mid-to-lower quality links then this can look unnatural, too. (Example B)


The best link landscape is for most of the backlinks to be of mid-range quality. You would therefore have a few low quality links, a few high quality links and then plenty of mid-range links. (Example C)

Note: While PageRank (PR) value is used a lot in SEO as an easy way to describe site authority, it can be a little misleading. So do not be surprised if you find websites with low or even zero PR dominating rankings. As a result, link builders need to look at the volume and quality of inbound links to a website to really assess the site. A natural link profile for a website would therefore suggest that it has many links from websites who themselves have an average amount of inbound links

  • Secure great links through content syndication
A traditional way to secure links for a website is content syndication. However, if your articles are only headed for article directories then this will probably not help much.Often, the best returns with content are achieved by ignoring article sites and going direct to blogs who want content. And remember, scale is key because you need a lot more than one content piece a month to do this. But, if you can get lots of fresh content onto lots of blogs all linking back to you, then these links can be powerful.So guest posting on blogs can be an effective option. Rework one or two articles into multiple unique versions and seed this to bloggers – if you can create 10 unique articles a month to go out to 10 different blogs, then over the course of a year this could net 120 quality links.


Accept that link building is a difficult task. It can take a long time to deliver. If a website is well optimized the SEOs should spend 90-99% of their time link building.

You can’t rely on natural link building to get to the top. Figure out how many brand links you need, get them and then get keyword-rich text links.

And finally, be sensible. Any links you build need to be able to pass a manual human review because, as the JC Penney story illustrates, all it takes is a major SEO blog or newspaper to ‘out’ you and you could be penalized. Then you’d be back to square one.

Title Tag SEO Tips

May 8, 2011

Looking for a quick fix that will improve your rankings? Take a look at your title tags. A title tag is the line of text that is normally displayed at the top of the browser window.  Title tags are arguably the most important SEO tags for any site.

For most search engines, the maximum length of a title tag to be displayed is between 60-70 characters. If your title tag is over 70 characters, your title will be cut off around 70 characters on the search results page.

Search engine spiders use these title tags as the main source for determining the page topic. Spiders or crawlers examine the title and then translate the topic of the page. This is one reason why it is always best to use your keywords in the page title, and to place them as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Remember, the text included in the title tag is also the text that will appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages) as the linked title on which users will click to access your page. In fact, just fixing the title tags of your pages can often generate quick and significant improvements in your rankings.

For example, let’s say you have an educational site that provides information and guidelines on teacher certification requirements.  You’ve decided that the most important keywords for your site are “teaching certification” and “teaching requirements.” In this case, a page title along the lines of “Teaching Requirements for Teacher Certification” is highly relevant to the topic of the site. Spiders will crawl your site, and because the title is the first factor it sees, the spider will “read” it and then examine the rest of the page finding the keywords used in other places on the page to determine how relevant the title is to the rest of the content. If the content, H tags, and title tag all relate—you’re in business! This is why it’s so important to target the most critical keywords in the title tag.

Follow this same process for all of your pages, and remember to create unique titles that are relevant to each page and do not keyword stuff.  This greatly improves the effectiveness of those tags and will increase the search engine rankings for your keywords. Although your home page might show up for 20 or 30 different keyword combinations, only your top two or three keyword phrases should be included in the tittle.

12 Essential SEO Tips

May 8, 2011

SEO is about great content and great site architecture … it’s certainly not about spam and trying to fool Google. Below are the 12 essential SEO tips for 2011.

1. Do keyword research

When looking at keyword data think about your traffic targets. For generic keyword searches, even if you rank high in Google, you may only get a small percentage of the predicted traffic.

However with keyword searches related to your brand, your site can benefit from a much higher proportion of the predicted traffic if you are the brand. So for example if you are IBM you may get the majority of search traffic if you rank for IBM.

Don’t forget the long tail, because the long tail of search can offer the bulk of traffic. Due to the more detailed nature of the query searched for, it can generate better quality traffic.

2. Choose a relevant domain

Pick a domain with a target keyword in the URL if possible and preferably secure a domain name with some equity/authority. One way to do this is to look for dropped domains, or simply buy an existing live one.

3. Build good website content

Generally speaking the best content for SEO is to have words not pictures and content should be original and unique to your site. Your website content should be relevant to the keywords and phrases you are targeting. Original and unique web content can help with SEO and sales making it a win/win.

Google is tightening up on duplicate content. The more duplicate content you have, the more it will start to hurt. It is important not to copy other people’s websites, but instead think of ways you can re-work content.

Home page text is very important. Home page copy should be a bold testament and there should be links made from within that content to other parts of the website.

For ecommerce websites ensure unique product descriptions are written, as it’s vital to avoid publishing manufacturers descriptions verbatim. For websites with thousands of products, pick the high-ticket items and make sure to rewrite them.

Other ways to add useful text content to pages can include carrying product reviews from customers, produce content about brands or create user guides and ‘how to’ pieces.

4. Create enticing title tags

The title tag is the most important place to put keywords so it’s crucial to create a unique title tag for every page. The title tag is a salesman for the page – it’s what the user first sees for your website in the search results. See example title tag (with code) in the following image:

title tag

Make good use of the 67 visible characters in a title tag to maximize the clickthrough rate (CTR). Include a good call to action as this increases the clickthrough rate because Google is analyzing the CTR for organic search results.

5. Write meta descriptions

The limit is 155 visible characters and it is a great place to deliver messages!

To decide on which keywords to include in a page’s description tag, use your analytics software to find which keywords deliver the most traffic to that page. Then optimize your meta description to include those keywords.

If you have keywords in the meta description, there is a good chance Google will show your this as part of its results page so aim to include a call to action in there as well.

title tag

6. Forget meta keywords:

Including words in the meta keywords tag has no influence on search engines. Google even says this too on their Webmaster Central blog here – so it’s certainly not a priority to add the meta keywords tag.

7. Use H1/ H2 Tags:

The H1 header is important and H2 and H3 tags should be keyword rich and supportive to the H1. It is certainly viable to have multiple H1 tags on a home page with H2s underneath. However for product pages it is recommended that only one H1 tag be used with H2 tags underneath.

title tag

8. Include on-page keywords:

Use keywords naturally as part of your website copy. Do not stuff pages with repetitions of target terms in an unnatural way. Check out the competition to see what they are doing with a keyword density tool

keyword density

9. Build links:

Link building can be the most important and most difficult part of SEO. This is because Google values links, but at the same time Google penalizes link buyers – so getting the right balance for links is hard.

keyword density

It is useful to start by thinking about who will link to you naturally – perhaps local media in response to news, suppliers, partners, sponsorships or friends?

Once this route is exhausted another option is to compile competitors links. It is still possible to use Yahoo Site Explorer to do this for now (however this tool will shut down soon). Other tools available to gather link data include:

Link Builder from Wordtracker

Majestic SEO

What makes the perfect link? Relevant anchor text, pointing at a relevant page from a relevant site – so in this respect it is all about relevancy. However over-cooking anchor text and using words too often can hurt you.

The art of link building is to mix up anchor text, use brand and domain links and even include ‘natural’ key phrases like “click here”.

10. Authority outweighs relevancy

What this means is that a website with the best quality signals stands a better chance of ranking higher than one that is simply relevant but with little or no authority. We can see this because on a website with authority, a page can rank for many different things.

Influential factors outweighing relevancy include inbound links, freshness of content and authority.

11. Site speed is important

Avoid code bloat. Keep JavaScript, images and CSS external. You can also check site speeds for websites with tools like Pingdom. This will help give an average speed as a yardstick – remember you don’t want to be the slowest!


12. Don’t launch empty websites

It’s important not to launch a site empty with a ‘Page under construction’ status. Instead start building the basics of the website as a blog and create a content rich holding page.

Wordpress screen

Get relevant pages of information in place to give Google something to chew on and then go live with the proper website and 301.

Keyword research free trial

Carry out your keyword research with Wordtracker Keywords tool’s risk-free seven day trial

SEO Importance for Internet Marketing

April 26, 2011

Being a manufacturer or seller of products or services, you always have this constant worry of attaining top rankings in search engines so s to attract large number of customers. Indeed, it is a difficult task as remaining in top positions is not as easy as it may sound. You may have to face a lot of competition to stay remain active in top pages of search engines. How to ensure that your services and products are truly competitive in today’s fierce marketing edge? To achieve the desired rankings, it is better to check SEO practices that can help you to stay potential and help you to make money easily and conveniently.

Search engines work on particular algorithms to determine the relevancy of websites in its rankings. They judge websites on keywords utility and accordingly index websites in its rankings. So, it becomes an important task to select only relevant and logical keywords that need to be optimized for enjoying a great customer reaction. By getting a higher ranking, search engines can easily enjoy quality traffic which simply indicates better monetary returns for the business ventures.

SEO is not very difficult process but it needs expertise knowledge and information of internet marketing and its other aspects. Hence, it is better to hire a SEO firm that can design a marketing strategy for all types of needs. These companies ensure marketing in a desired form by developing user-friendly and informative SEO content on the top of the charts. In addition, these companies give a helping hand in determining the right keywords and exchanging inbound and outbound links, title, Meta tags, descriptions and other SEO aspects that can change the future of a website.

What is Link Building

April 24, 2011

What Is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to ones own website. This can be done by reciprocal links, being listed in e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, etc. Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. There are few types of linking one of which is reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links or link exchanges is the process where two webmasters agree to show the other’s link on their website. After link building when the number of sites which link to a particular site is known as link popularity which helps in the search engine ranking of a website.

There are many advantages of link building.

1. Link building helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites which increases sales.
2. Also when there will be high quality incoming links the site will also be seen as a valuable resource.
3. Link building helps in creating awarness, visibility and credibility of your site.
4. The site also obtains wider search engine exposure.
5. It also helps the website get indexed by search engines.

Today links have become important for all websites and they are worth the money. In fact, there are several companies dedicated to selling links (as opposed to companies that you can pay to do link building for you).

How Do Directories Help?

Web directories are collections of web pages with similar subjects and similar content. These directories help in many ways as they are extremely popular with Internet users as they are considered a source of valuable information. Listings in directories improve your chances of page ranking as well. If your site is listed in a directory, the search engines are more likely to find it and add it in their listings for free. Also submitting a site on directories helps in getting one way links which are that we have not linked the other person’s site but they have linked us.

There are three kinds of traffic that you can get from the directories where you are listed. The first is click-through traffic, meaning that anyone who ends up on the directory page will be able to see your web site and information, and there is a good chance that they will visit.

The second is indexing your site. Directories will begin to index the pages of your web site once they find the links to it. After that they can come back again and again, bringing you traffic as they do.

The last way that the directories will increase your traffic is increasing your ranking on the search engines themselves as they find the volume of links and references to your web site.

Overall link building is one of the most important steps in building a site, Getting quality links improves your PR and espouser to search engines. Also the possibility of gaining traffic to your site. Many people say link building is dieing out but the facts are simple, You build a site and build links and traffic will come. Also link building also increase your PageRank thus getting more traffic via Google.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

February 11, 2011

SEO is the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. Firms that practice SEO can vary; some have a highly specialized focus, while others take a more broad and general approach. Optimizing a web site for search engines can require looking at so many unique elements that many practitioners of SEO (SEOs) consider themselves to be in the broad field of website optimization (since so many of those elements intertwine).

This guide is designed to describe all areas of SEO – from discovery of the terms and phrases that will generate traffic, to making a site search engine friendly, to building the links and marketing the unique value of the site/organization’s offerings. Don’t worry, if you are confused about this stuff, you are not alone.

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